Valuable Team Players

Dynamic Employees  - The challenges an actor faces on set are very similar to those faced by employees. To embody a character an actor has spent hours researching, developing the nuances, and becoming the expert. But when they step on stage, they’re not the boss; they’re one part of a much bigger enterprise. 

Similarly, employees are professionals who must work within a set organisational structure with a defined purpose. The challenge is to remain positive, change ready, collaborative and focused on a business goal that may have been decided by someone else.

Rob’s engaging style, insights and stories will inspire employees to stay engaged, share their passion, to be curious and demand excellence from those around them.


Small Business. Big Lessons.

Why an organisation’s culture matters - Leading through good times is the easy part. How do you maintain optimism and energy during times of hardship or periods of change?

Through real life stories, Rob illustrates the importance of organisational culture -  a system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs that have a strong influence on how people feel and behave in organisations. Successful company cultures are typically characterised by a high level of teamwork and engagement. 

Rob tells some never before heard stories about Kerry Packer and Alan Bond that are cautionary tales of leadership leading to pyrrhic victories and a life of loneliness. Uplifting and inspiring stories are those from his father who was a quieter champion of leadership through the Hawke/Keating years of economic reform and his internationally recognised contribution to humanitarian services.

People will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the cultural heart of an organisation and a sense that the world has good people in it, even when the circumstances may seem grim.

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The Film Production Model

Creative leadership - How do you unlock the imagination of every individual and keep the team focused on the main goal? Movies are a profound example of where creativity and brutal logistics collide. They are an excellent example of how a diverse group of people, facing impending deadlines can pull together towards one vision. 

The Film Production model takes participants through what directors, crew and cast experience every day. Constantly adapting, learning and fine tuning their craft and their processes so they can meet deadlines and maintain their reputation as the best in the world.

Through fun and engaging exercises and a mix of stories drawn from his own experiences in film and TV, Rob focuses on the behaviour, character traits and skills of successful leaders and team players. 

Keynote Testimonials


“Rob’s keynote address is a real gem. He might appear the “likeable Aussie larrikin”, however underneath there is a highly motivated individual who has experienced and survived the tumultuous ups and downs of the entertainment industry.”

Managing Director & Co - Owner
Sqware Peg

“His ability to engage with his audience through both humour and integrity is something amazing to be a part of. Rob was the crowning glory of our conference!”

Primary School Principals,
Wagga President


“Rob Carlton’s Creativity in Leadership workshop is dynamic and engaging; it works brilliantly.  His acting pedigree allows him to clearly articulate the important narratives”

Managing Director,
Quay Consulting