Elevating Business
is an Art Form

Rob Carlton has the ability to authentically connect with audiences, shape and deliver key business messages and elevate your event into an entertaining, insightful and meaningful experience.

 He is an award-winning Australian actor, writer and director. A successful producer, he’s delivered multi-million dollar projects globally.  With a mix of both arts and business experience as well as lived understanding, Rob is uniquely placed to be completely trusted by any audience.


Master of Ceremonies

Celebration event - With a background in film and theatre, Rob is skilled in developing rapport with diverse audiences, reading the ebb and flow of the room, capturing the poignant moments and engaging people in a sense of occasion.

Business event - Rob’s business acumen, in-depth preparation, collaborative approach and carefully considered ability to link presentations ensures a cohesive agenda delivering your key business messages. He’s skilled in smoothing over technical glitches, dynamic event logistics and observing political protocols, all with the utmost professionalism and gentle humour.

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Keynote Speaker

How do businesses become organisations of choice? How do you get the best out of your employees? Working with key stakeholders, Rob brings to life a tailored presentation that will unlock the imagination of the entire team.

Through meaningful and authentic stories Rob deftly delivers insights into different corporate cultures and larger than life characters while identifying the skills and behaviours that help create a culture of excellence and resilience.

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Provocateur / Facilitator

Rob’s wit and comprehensive understanding of both your organisation’s strategy and the industry issues allows him to quickly gain the trust of the audience. He’s then able to respectfully challenge and ask the questions that most people are reticent to ask. 

He guides collaborative conversations amongst differing personalities in the room to address difficult topics. He expertly manages this process to bring the key concerns to the table in an interesting, dynamic and entertaining way.


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